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at all costs at any expense of time, effort or money
back on one`s feet return to good financial health
bet one`s bottom dollar bet all one has on something
bet on the wrong horse  base one`s plans on a wrong guess about the results of something
born with a silver spoon in one`s mouth born to wealth and comfort, born rich
bottom dollar  one`s last dollar
bottom line last price, minimum
break even have expenses equal to profits
break the bank win all the money at a casino gambling table
bring home the bacon earn the family living
burn a hole in one`s pocket money that is likely to be quickly spent
buy off give money to someone to stop them from doing their duty
cash-and-carry selling something for cash only with no delivery
cash in exchange coupons or bonds for their value in moneyI
cash in on make money from an opportunity
cash in one`s chips exchange or sell something to get some money
cash on the barrelhead  money paid in cash when something is bought
caught short not have enough money when you need it
cheapskate a person who will not spend much money, a stingy person
chicken feed a small amount of money
chip in contribute money or pay jointly
clean up make a lot of money, make a big profit
cold hard cash cash, coins and bills
cook the books illegally change information in accounting books in a company
cut-rate  sell for a price lower than usual
deadbeat person who never pays the money he owes
dime a dozen easy to get and therefore of little value
down and out have no money
dutch treat something where each person pays their own share
face value the worth or price printed on a stamp, bond, note or paper money etc.
fast buck money feel wonderfulearned quickly and easily (and sometimes dishonestly)
feel like a million dollars/bucks  
flat broke having no money, penniless
foot the bill pay
for a song at a low price, cheaply
fork over pay, pay out
for love or money (usually negative) for anything, for any price
go broke lose all one`s money, have no money
gravy train getting paid more money than the job is worth
grease one`s palm give a tip, pay for a special favor or extra help, bribe
hand-out a gift of money (usually from the government)
hand to mouth having only enough money for basic living
hard up not have much money
have sticky fingers be a thief
highway robbery charge a high price for something
hit the jackpot make a lot of money suddenly
in the black profitable, making money
in the hole in debt, owing money
in the red  unprofitable, losing money
keep books keep records of money earned and spent
kickback money paid illegally for favorable treatment
lay away money  save money
layaway plan a plan in which one pays some money as a downpayment and then pays a little more when one can and the store holds the article until the full price is paid
lay out spend, pay
live from hand to mouth live on little money
live high off the hog  have the best of everything, live in great comfort
loaded  have lots of money
lose one`s shirt lose all or most of one`s money
make a bundle make a lot of money
make a killing   make a large amount of money
make a living  earn enough money to live
make ends meet have enough money to pay one`s bills
make money hand over fist fast and in large amounts
money to burn very much money, more money than is needed
nest egg money someone has saved up
on a dime in a very small space
on a shoestring with little money to spend, on a very low budget
on the house  paid for by the owner
pad the bill add false expenses to a bill
pass the buck make another person decide something, put the duty or blame on someone else
pay an arm and a leg for something pay a high price for something
pay dirt a valuable discovery, the dirt in which much gold is found
pay off pay and discharge from a job
pay-off bribe
pay through the nose  pay at a very high price, pay too much
penny for one`s thoughts tell someone what you are thinking about
penny-wise and pound foolish wise or careful in small things to the costly neglect of important things
pick up the tab pay the bill
piggy bank  a small bank, sometimes in the shape of a pig for saving coins
pinch pennies be careful with money, be thrifty
pony up  pay
put in one`s two cents give one`s opinion 
quick buck money earned quickly and easily (and sometimes dishonestly)
rain check a promise to repeat an invitation at a later date 
rake in the money make a lot of money
red cent the smallest coin, a trivial sum of money
salt away save money
scrape together gather money a little at a time
set one back cost
shell out  pay
splurge on something spend a lot of money for something
stone broke having no money, penniless
strapped for cash have no money available
strike it rich become rich or successful suddenly or without expecting to
take a beating  lose money
tighten one`s belt live on less money than usual
two bits  twenty-five cents, a quarter of a dollar
(not worth) two cents almost nothing, something not important or very small
 two cents worth something one wants to say, opinion

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