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apple of one`s eye someone or something that one likes a lot
back to the salt mines  back to work, humorous expression to express going back to unpleasant work
bad egg a bad person, bum
big cheese an important person, a leader
bread and butter basic needs of life (food, shelter, clothing)
bring home the bacon earn your family's living
butter up flatter someone to try to get their favor or friendship
carrot and stick promising to reward or punish someone at the same time
chew the fat chat
coffee break a break from work to rest and drink coffee
 cool as a cucumber calm, not nervous or anxious
cream of the crop best of a group, the top choice
cry over spilt milk cry or complain about something that has already happened
cup of tea something one enjoys or does well
cut the mustard succeed, do well enough what needs to be done
duck soup a task that doesn`t require much effort
eat crow  admit one is mistaken or defeated, take back a mistaken statement
eat dirt act humble, accept another`s insult or bad treatment
eat humble pie be humbled, admit one`s error and apologize
eat one`s cake and have it too use or spend something and still keep it
eat one`s words take back something one has said, admit something is not true
egg on urge someone on
finger in the pie participate in something that is happening
full of beans feel energetic, in high spirits
half-baked not thought out or studied carefully
hand to someone on a silver platter give a person something that has not been earned
hard nut to crack something or someone difficult to understand or do
(get or) have egg on one`s face to be embarrassed
hit the sauce drink alcohol - usually regularly
hot potato a question or argument that is controversial and difficult to settle
in the soup in serious trouble, in disorder
make one`s mouth water  look or smell very good, want to eat or drink very much
in a nutshell briefly, in a few words
nutty as a fruitcake crazy
out of the frying pan and into the fire go from something bad to something worse
piece of cake a task that is easily accomplished
polish the apple flatter someone
souped up change something to make it faster or more powerful by changing or adding something
salt away save money
sell like hotcakes sell quickly or rapidly
spill the beans tell a secret to someone who is not supposed to know about it
stew in one`s own juice suffer from something that one has caused to happen
take with a grain of salt accept or believe only part of something
upset the applecart ruin a plan or event by surprise or accident
worth one`s salt being a good worker, worth what one is paid
gravy train a job or work that pays more than it is worth

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