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black and white thinking of everything or judging everything as either good or bad
black out darken by putting out or dimming electric lights
black out prevent or silence information or communication
black out lose consciousness
blue in the face  very angry or upset, excited and very emotional
brown bag it - take a lunch to work
catch (someone) red-handed catch someone in the middle of doing something wrong
give someone the green light give permission to go ahead with a project
grass is always greener on the other side a place that is far away or different seems better than where we are now
green  inexperienced, immature
green thumb  a talent for gardening, ability to make things grow
green with envy very jealous, full of envy
horse of a different color something totally separate and different
 in the black  successful or profitable
in the red lose money, unprofitable
look at (see) the world through rose-colored glasses see only the good things about something, be too optimistic
off-color in bad taste, rude, dirty
once in a blue moon rarely
out of the blue without any warning, by surprise
paint the town red go out and party and have a good time
pink slip termination notice from a job
pot calling the kettle black the person who is criticizing someone else is as guilty as the person he accuses
red herring something that draws attention away from the matter under consideration
red-letter day a day that is memorable because of some important event
roll out the red carpet greet a person with great respect, give a big welcome
see red become very angry
show one`s true colors show what one is really like
tickled pink be very pleased, thrill, delight
white elephant a useless possession
white lie a harmless lie (told to be polite or to do something not seriously wrong)
white sale the selling at a reduced price of towels or sheets etc.
with flying colors with great or total success
yellow-bellied extremely timid, cowardly
yellow streak cowardice in one`s character
red tape excessive formalities in official business

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