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air one`s dirty linen in public  tell about one`s private quarrels or problems where others can hear
ants in one`s pants  restlessness, nervousness
at the drop of a hat without waiting, immediately, promptly
bee in one`s bonnet  an idea that seems strange or crazy
below the belt  in an unfair or cowardly way
bet one`s boots bet everything that one has
birthday suit complete nakedness
buckle down give complete attention or effort to do something
burn a hole in one`s pocket money likely to be quickly spent
burst at the seams too full or too crowded
card up one`s sleeve another plan or argument kept back and produced if needed
catch with one`s pants down  surprise someone in an embarrassing situation or a guilty act
come into fashion become fashionable
decked out  dressed in fancy clothes
 die with one`s boots on die while still active in one`s work
dressed to kill  wear one`s finest clothes
dressed to the nines (teeth) dressed elegantly
dress up  put on one`s best clothes
feather in one`s cap something to be proud of, an honor
fill one`s shoes  take the place of another and do as well
fine-tooth comb great care, careful attention so as not to miss anything
fit like a glove fits perfectly
fly by the seat of one`s pants  do something by instinct rather than by knowledge or logic
handle with kid gloves  treat very gently and carefully
if the shoe fits wear it  that what is said in general can also be said of an individual person
in one`s shoes  in another`s place or position
keep one`s shirt on calm down, keep from losing one`s temper or getting excited
 keep (something) under one`s hat  keep something secret
lose one`s shirt lose all or most of one`s money
off the cuff without preparation
old hat not new or different, old-fashioned
on a shoestring on a very low budget, with little money to spend
on one`s coat-tails  as a result of someone else doing something
pull out of a hat get something as if by magic, invent, imagine
pull up one`s socks  make a greater effort
put on one`s thinking cap  think hard and long about something
roll up one`s sleeves get ready for a hard job, prepare to work hard or seriously
shoe is on the other foot  the opposite is true, places are changed
stuffed shirt  a person who is too rigid or too formal
take one`s hat off to someone admire, respect, praise
talk through one`s hat say something without knowing or understanding the facts
tighten one`s belt live on less money than usual
too big for one`s breeches/boots think that you are more important than you really are
under one`s belt in one`s experience or possession; gained by effort and skill
up one`s sleeve kept secretly ready for the right time or for a time when needed
wear one`s heart on one`s sleeve show one`s feelings openly
wear the pants in one`s family  be the boss of a family or household
wolf in sheep`s clothing a person who pretends to be good but really is bad
you bet your boots  most certainly, yes indeed
hand-me-down clothing that is given away after another person doesn't need it

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