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at the top of one`s lungs as loud as one can, very loudly
bad blood anger or a bad relationship due to past problems with someone
behind one`s back when one is absent or without one's knowledge, secretly
blood is thicker than water  family members are closer to one another than to others
blood runs cold one is terrified or horrified
break one`s neck do all one possibly can, try one's hardest
breathe down one`s neck follow closely, threaten from behind
butterflies in one`s stomach  a feeling of fear or anxiety in the stomach
cold shoulder unfriendly treatment of a person
cut one`s throat spoil one's chances, ruin a person
flesh and blood  a close relative (father,daughter,brother)
get off one`s back stop criticizing or nagging someone
get under one`s skin  bother, upset
hold one`s breath stop breathing for a moment when one is excited or nervous
jump down one`s throat suddenly become very angry at someone
jump out of one`s skin  be badly frightened, be very surprised
keep body and soul together keep alive, survive
(not) move a muscle move very little (usually used in the negative)
neck and neck equal or nearly equal in a race or contest, tied
off one`s back stop from bothering one, remove as an annoyance or pest
off one`s chest tell something to someone so it doesn't bother one anymore
on one`s back making insistent demands of one, being an annoyance or bother
on one's shoulders one's responsibility
pain in the neck an obnoxious or bothersome person or event
pat on the back praise
rub elbows or shoulders with someone be in the same place (with others), meet and mix with others
save one`s neck save from danger or trouble
save one`s breath keep silent because talking will not do any good
scratch one`s back do something kind and helpful for someone in the hope that they will do something for you
shove something down one`s throat force one to do or agree to something not wanted or liked
skin and bones a person or animal that is very thin, someone very skinny
skin-deep only on the surface, not having any deep or honest meaning
stab in the back say or do something unfair that harms a friend or someone who trusts you
stick one`s neck out do something dangerous or risky for someone
straight from the shoulder open and honest way of speaking
to the bone entirely, to the core, through all layers
turn one`s back on refuse to help someone in trouble or need
turn one`s stomach  make one feel sick

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