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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
HAND IN to submit work you have done Harold handed his report in. His boss really liked it.
HAND OUT to distribute Harold's boss handed some award out. Harold got one.
HANG AROUND to have fun while wasting time The local kids like to hang around the mall.
HANG ON to wait; to wait on the telephone Please hang on for a minute. I need to find a pen.
HANG OUT to have fun while wasting time The local kids like to hang out at the mall.
HANG UP to end a phone conversation My ex-husband hung up when I phoned him.
HANG UP to put away your clothes on a hanger Please hang your shirts up before they get wrinkled.
HOLD BACK to restrain That man was so rude! I had to hold myself back from hitting him!
HOLD DOWN to keep a job Jerry just can't seem to hold a job down.
HOLD ON to wait Hold on a minute! I need to tie my shoe.
HOLD UP to raise; lift to a higher-than-normal position Hold your arm up so I can fix this sleeve.
HOLD UP to delay; to cause a delay The traffic was so bad that it held me up for 2 hours.
HOLD UP to rob; to steal In New York, many people get help up every day. 
HURRY UP to go faster, to rush We need to hurry up and leave or we'll be late! 



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