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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
FACE UP TO take responsibility for You need to face up to the truth. You are not doing a good job.
FEEL UP TO to feel strong enough or comfortable enough to do something Is your cold better now? Do you feel up to going to work today?
FIGHT OFF to keep something or someone away I'm trying to fight a cold off. 
Sara fought off her attackers.
FIGURE OUT to  solve a problem by thinking about it carefully Did you figure that math problem out yet?
FIGURE OUT to understand why someone behaves a certain way I just can't figure out why President Clinton did that! What a stupid thing to do!
FILL IN to add missing details It's not a good idea to fill your email address in on forms over the internet.
FILL IN to supply information that someone doesn't know What happened at the meeting? Can you fill me in please?
FILL OUT to complete information on a form or application My brother filled a loan application out. He wants to buy a house.
FILL UP to fill completely You may borrow my car, but please fill up the gas tank before you return it.
FIND OUT to learn about something Can you find out where I need to go please?
FIT IN to get along with others in a group Amy has few friends. She doesn't really fit in with her classmates. It's a sad situation.
FOOL AROUND to have fun while wasting time We fooled around at Jack's house.



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