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Phrasal Verbs

Meanings Examples
DIE DOWN to decrease I think the wind is finally dying down. Tomorrow will be clear.
DIG UP to look for and find hidden information. Politicians like to dig up embarrassing information about other politicians.
DO IN to kill. The killer did his victim in by shooting him.
DO OVER to do something again. Please do your composition over.
DO UP to close. Please do up your jacket before you go outside.
DO WITH to be related to something   "What's a carburetor?" "It has something to do with cars."?
DRAG ON to continue for an extremely long time. That boring movie dragged on and on. I thought it would never end!
DRAW OUT to prolong something longer than necessary. Our boss drew the meeting out until we were all bored and disinterested!
DRAW UP to create a formal document; to compose The lawyer drew up the company contract.
DREAM UP to think of something new. Tom dreamed a lot of new fashions up.
DRESS UP to put on formal clothing I couldn't believe that the bride didn't dress up for her own wedding! She wore blue jeans!
DRINK UP to finish a drink Drink up everyone! The pub is closing in five minutes!
DROP IN ON to visit informally If you're in the area, we'd love to see you. Please drop in on us any time. 
DROP OUT OF to stop attending a class; quit school Did you hear? Brett dropped out of school last week. He decided to join the Navy.

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