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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
CALL BACK to return a phone call; 
to call again
Could you call back later please?
CALL OFF to cancel something  Shelly called the wedding off because her boyfriend cheated on her.
CALL ON to visit somebody at their home  Frank called on Sara. They visited for two hours.
CALL OUT to shout aloud When the lights went out, I called out for help.
CALL UP to telephone someone  The secretary will call the client up at 2:00pm.
CALM DOWN to help someone become calmer. Steve was so upset that nothing could calm him down.
CARE FOR to like, want . -"Would you care for some dessert? We have ice cream, cookies, or cake."
-"No thank you. I don't care for sweets."
CARE FOR to take care of somebody. Emily's  family is caring for her brother at home.
CARRY ON to continue Sorry for interrupting  you. Please carry on.
CARRY OUT to complete a task The secretary carried her boss's orders out exactly.
CATCH UP to get to the same level as others The new employees are slow workers, but they'll catch up as they learn more.
CHECK IN to register . Thomas checked in at the front desk.
CHECK OFF to make a mark to indicate that something on a list has been completed The teacher checked off the student's homework as they handed it in.
CHECK OUT to follow procedures for leaving (a meeting, hotel, hospital, etc.) Thomas checked out on Friday.
CHEER UP to help someone feel less worried, depressed or sad Henry was sad about fialing his test, so I took him out to dinner to cheer him up.
CHEW OUT to scold someone severely My supervisor chewed out my coworker today. 
CHICKEN OUT to lose the courage or confidence to do something--usually at the last minute Mark was going to ask Lisa for a date when he saw her, but he chickened out.
CHIP IN to add money to something done by a group Everyone chipped in and we bought our manager a birthday gift.
calm up to suddenly become quiet My friends clammed up when I walked into the room. Nobody would tell me what they were talking about.
CLEAN UP to clean something completely Kids - clean your room up and then we'll leave.
CLEAR UP to  explain Her explanation cleared up the misunderstanding.
CLEAR AWAY to remove When the dinner dishes were cleared away, they played cards at the table.
COME ACROSS to find; to discover unexpectedly. I came across an old picture in my desk drawer.
COME TO to regain consciousness; come awake - "Nurse, has the patient regained consciousness?"
- "Not yet doctor. He's still in a coma."
COME TO to total an amount Let's see... 5 hamburgers and 10 hotdogs comes to $12.00 please.
COME UP WITH to suddenly think of an idea The marketing department came up with a brilliant idea. 
COPY DOWN to record in writing Patty gave Max her phone number and Max copied it down. 
COUNT ON to rely on somebody/something Are you crazy? You can't count on winning the lottery! Stop using your credit card so much!
CUT OFF to stop service When we didn't pay the bill, the electricity was cut off.
CUT OFF to eliminate from contact He was cut off by the storm. He couldn't get home.
CUT OUT to remove something I cut the picture out of the magazine. 
CUT OUT to stop something She cut out smoking and now her health is better.

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