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Phrasal Verbs



BACK OFF to retreat; not follow a threat That car was following me closely, but finally it backed off.
BACK UP to move backwards You are crowding me. Please back up a few steps.
BACK UP to make a protection copy Don't forget to back up your important computer files!
BACK UP to confirm facts; support Frank backed Mary's story up. He told us the same facts that Mary told us.
BEAT UP to hurt someone by hitting or kicking them repeatedly The men in the pub were trying to beat each other up. It was a terrible fight!
BEG OFF to decline an invitation I asked my friends over for dinner, but they begged off. 
BLEND IN to match the surroundings New immigrants often try to blend in with the citizens of a country.
BLOW UP destroy with an explosion The bomb blew up and hurt one person.
BLOW UP to inflate something The clown blew up the balloons.
The clown blew the balloons up.
He blew them up.
BONE UP ON to refresh one's memory with information Nick's study group boned up on prepositions before the test.
BOSS AROUND to tell someone what to do repeatedly I hate when my sister tries to boss me around!
BREAK DOWN to lose control of one's emotions Brent broke down in tears when he heard that his wife had been saved from the fire.
BREAK DOWN to destroy The robbers broke the door down when they came in last night.
BREAK DOWN to stop working Sara's car broke down yesterday. 
BREAK IN to train. One of the manager's duties is to break the new employees in.
BREAK INTO to enter forcefully or abruptly Cory broke into a house and stole a TV. Now, he's in jail!
BREAK OFF to end a conversation or relationship Allen and I broke up yesterday. He already has a new girlfriend!
BREAK UP to end a relationship Peter and June broke up yesterday. 
BRING BACK to return something My homework is due tomorrow. Will you please bring my book back today?
BRING OFF to do the impossible or unlikely Nobody thought Cary could get an A in that class, but she brought it off!
BRING UP to mention No one brought up the subject of employee raises at the meeting.
BRING UP to raise. I was brought up with very strict rules. I had to be a good child, or I was punished.
BRUSH UP ON to improve your skill or knowledge Nick's study group brushed up on pronouns before the test.
BURN DOWN to destroy by fire
If you smoke in bed, you may burn the house down.
BURN UP to cause someone to become very angry That rude woman really burned me up! 
BUTT IN to enter a conversation uninvited; impolitely interrupt That rude man butted into our conversation.
BUTT OUT to tell someone to mind their own business. Butt out! This is none of your business!
BUTTER UP to praise someone excessively with the hope of getting some benefit I guess Marilyn really wants to be promoted. She's been buttering her supervisor up all week.

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