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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
WAIT FOR to wait until someone or something arrives I've been waiting for the bus for almost an hour! 
WAIT ON to serve - Who is your waitress?
- I think Betty is waiting on us today.
WAKE UP to stop sleeping Wake the kids up please. They're going to be late for school.
WALK OUT to leave as a sign of protest The workers walked out to protest the new contract.
WATER DOWN to make weaker  Some bartenders water down the drinks they make in order to save money and cheat the customers.
WEAR OFF to no longer affect someone My medicine is wearing off. I need to take some more.
WEAR OUT to wear something / use something until it can no longer be worn / be used I need to get some new shoes. This pair is almost completely worn out.
WHIP UP to create quickly - Where did you get this delicious cake?
- I whipped it up myself!
WORK ON to practice in order to improve - Why do you keep repeating those words?
- I'm working on my pronunciation.
WORK OUT to exercise - Where is Sara?
- She's working out at the gym.
WORK OUT to solve a problem  My husband and I need to work things out in our relationship.
WRAP UP clothes to keep warm - Why are you wrapped up in that blanket?
- I'm freezing! I think I have a fever.
WRAP UP to finish something Let's wrap our discussion up and go get dinner!
WRITE DOWN to record something in writing Did you write the phone number down?
WRITE UP  to make a report in writing I've already written the report up. I'm leaving now.

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