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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
TAKE AFTER to resemble Pat takes after his mother. They are both short and blonde.
TAKE BACK to return Pam took the radio back to the store because it was broken.
TAKE CARE OF to provide care for; to watch one's health I have been taking care of my sister since she returned home from the hospital.
TAKE OFF to leave The flight to Bermuda took off at 6 p.m.
TAKE OFF to remove clothes Take off your coat off and stay a while.
TAKE OUT to go somewhere with a friend Frank took his supervisor out for dinner.
Steve took Mary out three times last week.
TAKE OUT to remove something from an enclosed place Please take your books out and turn to page 47.
TAKE OVER to gain control of Do you think Bill Gates is trying to take over the world?
TALK INTO to persuade to do something Peter talked Mary into helping him move.
TALK OUT OF to persuade not to do something Mary talked Peter out of moving.
TEAR OFF to remove something by tearing The soccer player tore his shirt off when his team won the game.
TEAR UP to damage The construction workers tore up the street to lay a new water pipe.
THINK OVER to give something a lot of thought Before making any big decision, you should think it over for a long time.
THROW AWAY to put in the garbage Don't throw these documents away because we'll need them later.
THROW UP to vomit Ulysses threw his lunch up all over his desk. Yuck!
TICK OFF to make someone angry; to irritate someone When people smoke near me, it really ticks me off!
TIP OFF to inform Martin tipped the police off about the bank robbers' location.
TRY ON to put clothes on to see if they fit Terry tried the blue sweater on, but it was too big.
TURN AROUND to make changes for the better The drug addict really turned his life around. He's a best-selling author now.
TURN DOWN to decrease the volume of something Turn the radio down before you wake the dead!
TURN DOWN to decline Tina turned Patrick down for a date. Poor Patrick's heart was broken.
TURN IN to go to bed I'm pretty tired. I'm going to turn in now.
TURN OFF to stop a machine or electrical device Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.
TURN ON to start a machine or electrical device Turn on the TV please. I want to watch Judge Judy.
TURN ON to interest very much Do romantic walks on the beach turn you on?
TURN UP to increase the volume of something Turn up the TV, I can't hear it!

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