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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
SAVE UP to collect money for future use Mimi and Charles are saving up for a new car.
SELL OUT to sell the entire supply of something The tickets to the Rolling Stones concert have been sold out. We can't go.
SEND BACK to return something I sent the package back because I didn't order it.
SET BACK to cause a delay in scheduling There is a problem with the report that has set us back at least two days.
SET BACK to cost money How much did your new coat set you back?
SET OFF to set in motion; to cause to begin The crazy man set a bomb off.
SET OFF to leave; the depart We set off to Los Angeles early to avoid the traffic.
SET UP to start, organize, or configure Jenny talked to Sara about setting up her computer.
SET UP to make arrangements for something I'm going to set a meeting up for 9:30. Is that OK?
SETTLE DOWN to start living a quiet family life You're already 30 years old. It's really time for you to settle down.
SETTLE DOWN to get someone to quiet down We need to settle the baby down. The neighbors are trying to sleep.
SHAKE OFF to free oneself from Are you ever going to shake that cold off? You've been coughing for three weeks!
SHAKE UP to stir someone's feelings; to upset someone Patrick was really shaken up when he saw the bank robber.
SHAKE UP to jar or jolt The collision shook up both drivers.
SHAKE UP to reorganize something on a large scale The company shook the management structure up and fired a lot of employees.
SHAVE OFF to remove hair by shaving Why did Sinead O'Conner shave all her hair off?
SHOOT DOWN to make something hit the ground by shooting it Charles shot a duck down when he went hunting.
SHOOT DOWN to reject an idea, suggestion or proposal Danielle shot Pablo down when he asked her to go out on a date with him.
SHOP AROUND to go to many different merchants to find the best price I really like the Chanel dress, but I am going to shop around to see if I can find a better price.
SHOW OFF to try to impress by doing or showing something Brett rode his bicycle off the stairs to show off. Too bad he broke his arm!
SHOW OFF to display something to impress others Some parents dress their kids in expensive clothes to show them off.
SHOW UP to arrive; to appear The manager was very upset when you didn't show up for the meeting. Where were you?
SHOW UP to do a noticeably better job than someone else Everyone thought the red team would win, but the blue team did. The blue team really showed them up.
SHUT OFF to turn something off; to stop a machine Bill shut the gas off after the earthquake.
SIMMER DOWN to become less angry Steve let his wife simmer down before he asked her for forgiveness.
SIT AROUND to just sit not doing much A) What did you do last weekend?
B) Not much. I just sat around and watched TV.
SLIP UP to make a mistake You slipped up when you told Sara about her surprise party. You shouldn't have done that.
SPEAK UP to speak more loudly You should speak up in class. Nobody can hear you.
SPLIT UP to divide The bank robbers split the money up equally.
STAND FOR to represent A.S.A.P. stands for as soon as possible.
STAND FOR to tolerate; permit The manager won't stand for his workers to be late. He fires anyone who comes late more than 3 times.
STAND IN FOR to take someone's place In old times, the oldest brother stood in for his father when he went to war.
STAND OUT to be noticeably better than other similar people or things Pam's work really stands out from the other employees. Her work is fantastic.
STAND UP to make a date but not keep it Peter planned to go dancing with Mary, but she stood him up and went with Carlos instead.
STAND UP to rise to a standing position When the President entered the room, everyone stood up.
STAY IN to not go out Barry decided to stay in this weekend because it was raining.
STAY OUT to remain away from home for the evening; to not return home Would you get angry if your boyfriend stayed out all night?

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