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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
RIP OFF to cheat; to steal Someone ripped my motorcycle off when I was at work.
RUN ACROSS to discover by chance I ran across an old love-letter when I was cleaning my room. It was such a surprise. I thought I'd burned them all!
RUN AFTER to chase The police were running after a bank robber when they accidentally hit my car.
RUN AWAY to escape from your guardians; to leave home secretly The Boxcar Children is a fun book about 5 kids who ran away from home and traveled around in the boxcar of a train.
RUN INTO to meet by chance When Sara went shopping, she ran into Julia Roberts. Sara was too surprised to speak.
RUN OFF WITH to steal The kids ran off with some candy from the store.
RUN OUT OF to finish the supply of something We ran out of milk, so we had to go to the market.
RUN UP to increase a total amount Some men run their credit card bills up so high that they can't pay them at the end of the month.
RUSH IN to enter quickly We rushed in because we were late.
RUSH OUT to exit quickly The workers all rushed out because it was time to go home.

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