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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
PASS AWAY to die Nurse: "The patient passed away at 5:00, doctor."
PASS OFF to pretend that work is yours Dan tried to pass a Shakespeare poem off as his. What an idiot!
PASS OUT to distribute The teacher passed the test papers out.
PAY BACK to repay a loan or a deed Sam shouldn't have told them my secret. I will pay him back one of these days!
PAY OFF to pay someone in order to avoid trouble In some countries you can pay off the police.
PICK OFF to shoot or bring down especially one by one Max really knows how to shoot. He picked the bottles off with no trouble at all!
PICK OUT to select Mom: "When you go to the store, pick a good melon out for dessert."
PICK UP to lift Please pick your books up from the dinner table now.
PICK UP to give someone a ride I can pick you up for work at 7:30, ok?
PITCH IN to work together The villagers pitched in and built a community house in only two days.
PLAY DOWN to make something seem less important Sara played the award down, but she really should be proud of herself.
PRINT OUT to print something from a computer Please print my composition out for me.
PULL OFF to escape punishment Edgar pulled off the bank robbery. He never got caught!
PULL TOGETHER to work together The villagers pulled together and built a community house in only two days.
PUT DOWN to insult someone It's not nice to put people down, but kids do it all the time.
PUT OFF to postpone; to delay Many students put off doing their homework until it's too late.
PUT ON to dress oneself Put your coat on or you'll get cold.
PUT ON to gain weight Steve looks like he is putting a little weight on.
PUT OUT to extinguish The firefighters put the fire out
PUT OUT to cause difficulties for someone I'm sorry to put you out, but can you give me a ride to the train station?
PUT OUT to publish; to issue Did you know that People Magazine is put out by the same company as Time Magazine?
PUT UP to return something to its proper place Please put your books up. It's time for dinner now.
PUT UP to give food and shelter Don't get a hotel room! I'd be happy to put you up!
PUT UP WITH to endure I don't like to put up with noisy children.

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