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Phrasal Verbs

Meanings Examples
MAKE FUN OF to make unkind jokes about someone The cruel children made fun of the man walking with a limp.
MAKE OUT to find or grasp the meaning of The doctor's writing was terrible. The nurse couldn't make out what he wrote.
MAKE OUT to complete a printed form  Please make that check out to Kaye.
MAKE UP to invent a story Franz made up the most ridiculous excuse for being late.
MAKE UP to re-establish a friendly relationship by admitting guilt Sally and Sara you must make up with each other. It's not nice for sisters to fight.
MARK DOWN to lower prices I hope the clothing store marks that jacket down soon. I want to buy it, but it is too expensive.
MARK UP to raise prices The clothing store will probably mark that jacket up. They always mark up the things I like!
MOVE ON to progress onward The meeting moved on at a slow pace.
MIX UP to confuse Peter always mixes 'there' and 'their' up.
MIX UP to blend together The directions say to mix 2 eggs up with some milk.

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