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Phrasal Verbs Meanings Examples
LAY OFF to leave someone alone I wish my mom would lay off me. I'm tired of her complaining.
LEAVE OUT to forget Oh no! When I retyped my essay, I left one paragraph out!
LET DOWN to disappoint The kids let their parents down when they ended up in jail.
LET FLY to throw an object The baseball player let the ball fly.
LET GO   to fire someone If Jerry had done better work, his company wouldn't have let him go.
LET IN to admit Susan opened the door and let the cats in.
LET ON to reveal a secret Nobody let on about the surprise party.
LET OUT to expand The tailor let Mack's pants out because Mack had gained weight.
LET UP to stop Will this rain ever let up? It's been raining for two weeks!
LINE UP to go stand in a line The prisoners lined up to receive their dinner.
LOCK IN to lock the door so that someone can't leave The prisoners are locked in the jail. They cannot get out until they serve their time.
LOCK OUT to lock the door so that someone can't enter My brother came home late to find that my parents had locked him out of the house. He chad to sleep outside!
LOOK AFTER to take care of My mother looks after the children when we go away.
LOOK AROUND to explore an area Maxine went to Los Angeles and looked around downtown.
LOOK BACK ON to think about the past; reflect; ponder On birthdays, many people like to look back on their life for the past year.
LOOK FOR to search I spent two hours looking for my glasses before I found them.
LOOK FORWARD TO to think about a pleasant thing before it happens I am looking forward to my vacation.
LOOK INTO to investigate; find the truth about something The police will look into the crime.
LOOK LIKE to resemble Larry looks like his cousin Jack.
LOOK OVER to check My coworker looked my report over before I gave it to the boss.
LOOK OUT to warn someone Look out! - There's a car coming.
LOOK UP to find information in a book If you don't understand the word, look it up in a dictionary.
LUCK OUT to be unexpectedly lucky Jennifer  wasn't   ready  to give a speech in class, but she lucked out because the class was cancelled.

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