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  Pay attention to the following prepositional phrases! Remember  them!   

In a newspaper At 5 o’clock  In a line At a concert
At midnight  In a row At a football match
At lunchtime  In a queue At the station
At sunset  In a street At the airport
On Friday  In a photograph At Tom’s house
On 10 May  In a picture At the doctor’s
On Christmas Day  In a mirror/look at yourself/ At the hairdresser’s
On my birthday  In the sky On holiday
In October  In the world On business
In winter  In a book On a tour
In1999  In a newspaper On a cruise
In the 1980’s  In a magazine On TV
In the 19th century  In a letter On the radio
In the Middle Ages  On a page On the phone
In the past  On the left On   strike
In the future  On the right On a diet
At night  On the ground floor On fire
At the weekend  On the first floor On the whole=in general
At Christmas  On the second floor On purpose=intentionally
At the moment  On a map In the rain
At present  On the menu In the sun
At the same time  On a list In the shade
In the morning  On a farm In the dark
In the afternoon  On the way to… In bad weather
In the evening  In the corner /of a room/ In my opinion
On Friday morning  At the corner /of the street/ At the age of…
On Sunday afternoon  In the front /of a car/ By mistake
On Monday evening  In the back /of a car/ By accident
Last Friday  At the front /of the building/ By chance
Next Friday  At the back /of the building/ By car
This Friday  On the front /of the envelope/ By train
Every Friday  On the back /of a letter/

By plain

In a few minutes/через/  In bad By boat
In 5 weeks/через/  In hospital By ship
In a moment/через/  In prison By bus
On Time=punctual  At home By bicycle
In Time=soon enough  At work By road
At the end  At school By rail
At the end of the film  At university By air
At the end of June  At college By underground
In the end=finally  At sea = on a trip By sea
At the beginning of June  At a party By cheque
At the beginning of the concert   By credit-card


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