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Morphological Composition Of Nouns

Morphologically English Nouns are of 3 kinds

  • Simple

  • Derived/derivative/

  • Compound

Simple nouns are rootnouns that is ,they consist only of one root /boy , girl , hook , chair ,/

Derived nouns are built up with the help of prefixes , which are placed before the root/ prefixes/ and after the root / suffixes/ : dislike ,  remark , artist , doctor , friendship , teacher , freedom .

Here are some of the most important suffixes of nouns: -ance , -ence , -ing , -ism , -ment , -ness - -tion , -sion , -er , -or. For example : resistance , presence , meanings , agreement , decision , realityspeaker , musician.

Compound nouns consist of at last 2 roots. Most often the first is a noun / airman , footnote/ or an adjective /blackboard , greenhouse/. There are syntactic compounds which don’t contain any noun /forget –me-not , merry-go-round/


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