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The Lexico -Grammatical classification of Nouns

Nouns are words that denote things in the broadest sense of the word:living beings,objects,abstruct notions ,places , processes , events ,etc. understood as things: John , lion, beauty , street , etc.

Depending on their semantic and grammatical properties nouns fall into Common and Proper ones

Common nouns are of two kinds: concrete / John , car , table/ and abstract / beauty , love , friendship/

Concrete nouns are divided into counts , non-counts , and collectives.

Count nouns /counts/ are otherwise called class nouns . Their referents can be counted / man , car , house/.Tthose of non-count nouns can’t  /mud , gold , snow/ 

Collective nouns are divided into those

  • Which are used only in the singular/ furniture , foliage , machinery , etc/
  • Which are used only in plural / trousers , clothes , stairs , etc./
  • Which are used in both numbers  /family , company , crowd , etc/

Abstract nouns like concrete ones are divided into counts / idea , answer , question , etc./ , non counts / knowledge , love , friendship , etc./ and used only in plural / tidings , earnings/

Proper nouns are divided into 

  • personal names / Bill, Anny/
  • geographical names/The Pacific Ocean , The Neva
  • and other proper names / The Titanic , Piccadilly , The Tower /


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