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No article used before the names of places and buildings consisting of a proper and a common noun. For example : London Bridge, Waterloo station, London University.

Single names of this kind are used with the definite article. For example : The Tower , The Tate/a picture gallery/.

No article is used before the names of streets and squares. For example : Oxford Street , Trafalgar Square. But : The Strand , The High Street.

Normally the definite article is used before the names of magazines and newspapers . For example : The Daly Mail , The Times .

According to R. Quirk "magazines and periodicals normally have the zero article / see "A University Grammar Of English" by R, Quirk /

The definite article is used with the names of:
1. ships :The Titanic
2. hotels : the Savoy , The Hilton
3. restaurants ,cafes ,: I went to the dinner at The Europe the night before
4. cinemas and theatres : The Odeon , The Globe
5. clubs : The Cream , The Ministry Of Sound
6. historical events : The Renaissance
7. organizations and institutions : The United Nations


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