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No article is used before the names of:
1. all continents: Asia ,America
2. most countries : Great Britain, France, Italy
3. some provinces : Liberia
4. all counties and states : Yorkshire , Alabama ,Arkansas
5. all villages ,towns and cities: London ,Moscow

If all these names are preceded by modifiers of historic or geographical character articles are not used either .For example : North America , West Scotland, ancient Rome , Modern Brazil

The name of one of the capitals of the Netherlands is used with the definite article The Hague

6. all separate islands : Wight ,Ceylon, Sicily
7. all separate mountain peaks: Elbrus , Everest
8. all peninsulas : Kamchatka

The definite article is used with the names of:
1. all rivers : The Thames , The Volga
2. all lakes : The Baikal , The Como
3. All seas and oceans: The Mediterranean sea, The Pacific Ocean
4. mountain regions and chains : The Alps , The Urals
5. groups of islands : The Hawaii
6. deserts : The Sahara , The Gobi

Besides the definite article is used before the names of some countries and provinces: The Ukraine, The United States, The Netherlands , The Argentine ,The Crimea ,The Caucasus ,The Ruhr , The Riveira.

The indefinite article is used before geographical names only figuratively .For example : I could not spend all my life crossing such a Sahara!

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