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1. Normally no article is used before persons' names if they are not specified .For example : But she was watching Bertie!

2. The definite article is used with persons' names when
· A name denotes the whole family. For example : The Browns were I thought a religious family.
· A name is modified by a restrictive attribute . For example : She was a stranger to the Dorinda of yesterday / Glasgow/
· A name is used with a descriptive attribute denoting a particular state of mind or mood of the person or his/her permanent characteristics. For example : She gave the astonished Hoylake 10 shillings /Bates/

But no article is used before persons' names with descriptive attributes if these attributes are emotionally colored and are, so to say, parts of the names / old, young, dear, little ,poor, honest/. For example : Old Golvon goes to the opera. I turned. It was young Brown.

3.The indefinite article is used before persons' names when
· A name denotes one of the family. For example : But if you ask me how I do it ,I'll answer ,because I am a Forsyte!
· The adjective certain is used or implied before a name . Foe example : A certain Mrs. Jones rang me up today but she's got the wrong number.
· The article means one like , another. For example : At thirteen I thought him a Shakespeare.

Persons' names denoting products of the activity of the given person are used with articles like common count nouns. For example : This is a Mauser - he said


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