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Some nouns , in particular , bed, school, college, hospital, court , prison , jail , church , table are without articles commonly in prepositional phrases when they lose their concrete meanings and denote the purpose for which their referents exist that is bed means sleep , school means studying , court means trial , table means a meal , etc. For example: It's time for bed. School begins at 8. Two men were wounded and taken to hospital. He'd gone to church on Sundays.

The tendency is not to use articles before the noun university in the meaning of studies. For example : Bob said, You were at university?

Articles are also absent before the noun town /commonly in prepositional phrases/ when
1. It expresses the abstract idea of town life /this meaning is usually associated with the town one lives in or the nearest town if one lives in the countryside/.For example : I am in town and I have to see you. I was in town ob business last week.
2. It denotes the business and shopping center of a town. For example : Town was very busy today.

In the meaning life in town and cities as opposed to life in the country the noun town is used with the definite article. For example: I like the town better than the country. Many country people are leaving the country for the town.


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