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Like other abstract noun the names of meals are used without articles when they have the most general meaning. In such cases they denote processes of taking food. For example: Breakfast tomorrow will be at 8.Will you stay for dinner? When supper was over they went back into the bedroom

The definite article is used when the name of a meal denotes a party/dinner-party, tea-party/ or its contents which are specified. For example: At the last dinner, three years ago, a fox was brought in a cage. Then she thanked him for the breakfast
In a few cases the definite article is used side by side with the absence of articles. Compare: The dinner is ready. And Wash your hands, everyone. Dinner is ready

The indefinite article is used before the nouns under discussion in its classifying and sometimes numerical function. In the first case, the nouns are modified by descriptive attributes. For example: All we had was a quiet, simple  dinner .I'll give you a native dinner. he ordered a rich, expensive lunch.


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