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The nouns of this kind are dawn, daybreak, morning, noon, midday, afternoon, daytime, sunset, dusk, evening, midnight and a few others.
They are used without any article when they have the most general meaning that is when day means the light part of the day not night; night means the dark part of the day, not day. For example: It was afternoon .It isn't day she thought. Dawn was far away.

Besides no article is used before these nouns:
· When the adverbs tomorrow or yesterday or the names of the days stand before them. For example: If I start now I can be back tomorrow morning. We drove back to New York on Sunday afternoon.
· After the pronoun ALL. The Absence of articles is the norm for day and night and the tendency is very strong not to use them before other nouns of this kind. For example: All day and all night, all tomorrow. I've expected this all morning. All afternoon I have thought of this.
· After the prepositions about, after, at, before, by ,towards, till , until. For example: At sunset Dorinda walked over a part of the farm with him. By nightfall the rain began to slacken.

The definite article is used before these nouns:
· In its specifying function ,that is, when the referent of the noun is definite .For example: And when did you receive a letter?-By the first post the following morning. The evening was over.
· After the prepositions in, during, through. For example: I am lonely in the day when I am not working. In the daytime the kitchen was a cheerful room. But the boy died in the night.

The indefinite article is used before the nouns under the discussion in its classifying function , commonly when they are modified by descriptive attributes. For example: It was a beautiful morning. It's been a long dark night .
But no article is used if the descriptive attributes are expressed by the adjectives early ,late ,broad, high ,full and if the nouns have no restrictive attributes. For example: It was late evening .I like early morning. It was broad daylight when she woke.

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