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· Abstract nouns are both count and non-count ones. The rules of articles with count abstract nouns/idea, thought, method, dream, invitation, etc/ are the same as those of the use of articles before concrete count nouns ,for example: I have an idea for a new book.

· Abstract non-count nouns /love, hatred, education, importance, knowledge, power,  peace , possibility, etc./ are used without an article in their most general meaning. For example: But then, of course ,there was love.

· If nouns of the second group denote concrete instances or special aspects of the given notion they become count nouns and are used with both articles. The use of the indefinite article is typical of nouns with a descriptive attribute .For example: She lived a long life and died a natural death. Drinking was the death of him

The abstract nouns advice, information ,fun, luck, weather are never used with the indefinite article .For example The play at the theatre was very poor fun. Such weather had a nervous effect on him


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