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  •  In the position of subject nouns are used with both articles or without them. In sentences with the construction “There is” the indefinite article is almost always used before the subject expressed by a count singular noun and no article before plural nouns. For example: There’s a man at the door. There are books on the shelves. There are hospitals, he said.
  •  Before predicative singular nouns the indefinite article is used most often/in the classifying function/.For example : He was a fearful snob.
  • Plural nouns are used in these cases without articles. For example: Because we are not brutes.
  • The definite article is necessary if the referent of the predicative is definite .For example: This was the man she wanted to live with.
  • If a predicative noun denotes a unique post, position or occupation no article or the definite article is used. For example: You can’t become prime minister at once .Mr. Hall was /the/Director of the National bank .
  • In the position of object the indefinite article is very often used even with nouns whose referents are unique. For example: He has a mother. He has a good heart.
  • Before appositive nouns denoting title ,rank, dignity ,kinship no article is used. For example: Professor Bloch, Lord Byron, Lady Hamilton, Aunt Ann, Uncle Tom.

The definite article is used with nouns which are modified by:

  • adjectives in the superlative degree of comparison/They are the happiest people I know
  • ordinal numerals/The third letter was shocking
  • some adjectives/last, left, right, only, wrong/I thought I had come to the wrong house
  • the adjective pronoun same/It’s not quite the same thing


With set prepositional phrases :

  •  No article: from morning till evening, from head to foot, from cover to cover ,by train, by bus ,side by side ,etc
  • With the definite article :in the main, one the on hand, etc
  •  With the indefinite article: in a hurry, in whisper ,to be /feel/ at a loss ,at a distance of.


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