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The Indefinite Article( a ,an ) is a weakened form of the numeral “one” and is historically related to it. It has 3 functions:

· Classifying (meaning “one of” ). For example: It’s a letter.

· Generalizing (meaning “any” ) .For example: A tiger is a dangerous animal

· Numerical (meaning “one” ).For example: Wait a minute!

The Indefinite article is used only with singular nouns. In the plural such nouns are used without any article. For example: There are books on the shelves


In English the nouns advice, information, fun, luck, news, weather are never used with the indefinite article.

A noun with the indefinite article in the classifying function always contains the novelty of information, therefore this article is used before nouns whose referents are mentioned in the situation of speech for the first time. For example: there’s a man waiting for you…


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