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“Will” has two forms: will and would. Thus “Will” and “Would” are looked upon as aforms of the same verb although in a few cases their meanings differ.

It is used to express:

  • Willingness, intension, determination.

I’ll write as soon as I can

I will be there to help.

This meaning is often found in the conditional sentences

If you will help me, we can finish be 6

  • In the negative sentences ”Will” expresses a refusal to do smth.

They will not go with us

  • A polite request or offer/only in questions/.

Will you pass the salt please?
Will you have some tea?

  • A command

You will do exactly as I say.

  • An impatient command can begin with “Will You..”

Will you be quiet?

  • Insistence, resistance/with reference to inanimate objects it shows that the thing fails to perform its function.

The door will not open

  • Inevitability.

What will be-will be

Accidents will happen

Boys will be boys

Truth will out

  • Characteristic or behavior of quality

This car will hold 6 people.


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