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"To Be To" as a modal verb is used in two tense forms - Present  and Past Simple.

Concrete Imperative Suppositional
  • Obligation arising out of an arrangement or plan/in statements and questions/.

We are to complete this work by tomorrow.

When is the wedding to be?

  • A strict order or instruction, given by the speaker or any other authority.

You are to do it exactly you were told.

you are to stay here until I return!

  • Possibility.

They are not to be trusted!

Nothing was to be done under the circumstances.



  • Perfect Infinitive is used to emphasize that the action did not take place.

I was to have come.

I was to have graduated in June but failed.

  • Strict prohibition.

You are not to do that!

You are not to tell anything about it!


  • In the expressions:

What am I to do?

What is to become of me?

Where am I to go?


  • A purpose or a plan.

A knife is to cut with.

This prize was to honor him for his success.

  • Something that is destined to happen.

She was to become his wife.

It was not to be.



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