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The modal verb "Must" is used in it's three important meanings

Concrete Imperative Suppositional
  • Immediate obligation or necessity, or an obligation referring to the future/in the affirmative sentences/.

We must begin before 5p.m.

He must move the furniture himself.



  • Prohibition, negative commands/only in the negative sentences/.

The little girl must nit go home alone.

You must not do it!





  • Probability, near certainty about the present and the past/only in statements

He must be crazy.

She must be so lonely!

Did you always live with Bob? You must have led a quiet life!

In these sentences "Must" has the same meaning as: Probably, Evidently.

  • Obligation referring to the present or future in the reported speech

He said we must invite her to dinner.


  • Invitation.

You must come and see me somehow!

You must come and have dinner with us!


  • If we use the perfect Progressive infinitive, it indicates the process in the past

It must have been raining when you left.

  • With the 2D person "You" "Must" expresses an obligation which has an effect as a command

You must do as you are told!

You must leave now. I want to sleep.



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