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The modal verb "MAY" has two tense forms

MAY - present

MIGHT - past

and is used in it's three meanings:

Concrete Imperative Suppositional
  •  Possibility of the fact/only in the affirmative sentences/

One may often see such faces in the north of Russia.




  • Permission/mostly in the interrogative and the affirmative sentences/

May I come in?

May I go now?

You may go.



  • Supposition or uncertainty used only in the affirmative and negative sentences

He may come or he may not.

They may be arriving!

Why hasn't she come? He may have been hurt

  • "Might" is used in the polite requests for permission.

Might I use your dictionary?



  • "May" and "Might" are not used in questions. 

We should use the constructions:

Is it Likely....?

Do you think....?

  • Prohibition

You may not leave the house.


  • "Might" is used to express reproach/about the past and present/.

You might leave the child alone.

You might have bought her flowers



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