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Meaning Time Indicators Present Past Future
A habitual repeated action every day, every other day, often, frequently

never, sometimes, as a rule, regularly, always

They go to the seaside every summer.

She seldom reads in the evening

They visited picture gallery every day last summer I don't think it will rain often this month.

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The manifestation of the fact itself present-now, nowadays, at the present time

past-yesterday, the day before yesterday ,a year ago, last year

future-tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next year, tonight, soon

Nowadays people eat a lot We met her at the station yesterday They will meet soon.



An action going on at the present moment/with the verbs not used in the Progressive/.


The verbs of sense perception and mental activity :to see, to hear, to understand, to realize, to smell.... I hear somebody knocking. Open the door She felt well at 5. You will see me approaching the house at 6
Universal truth   Light travels more quickly than sound.

Water boils at 100 degrees

A succession of the past action     He put on his coat, took the umbrella and left the house  
An action in the very near future tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, soon, in a day, next morning.. Tomorrow I leave for London.

His brother arrives in two days


An action that points out the beginning of another action since ,when, before + Clause   The children were playing when Nick came  

A future action in the adverbial clauses of time and real condition


when, till, until, as soon  as, if, unless + Clause Our granny will visit us when the weather improves    


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