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Meaning Time Indicators Examples
With a period of time which has not yet ended today, this week, this month, this century, this year I have read this book today.

Have you read this article this morning?

With an adverbs of indefinite time of frequency always, ever, never, since, yet,

just, now and ten, now and again, from time to time, for, already

I have never read this book.

I have already read this book.

I have just read this book.

He has always preferred to go on foot

With no formal marker/we are interested in the result/   She has broken her leg!
In adverbial clauses of time and real condition when





as soon as      + CLAUSE

as long as



on condition that


in case

Don't leave us until you have spoken to my brother

I'll let you know in case he has translated this text by 5 p.m.


An action began in the past and continued up to the present since + Clause

for, since +Noun

I have known her since we came to this town.

She hasn't played the piano for some days.

She has studied at this Institute since 1999


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