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Meaning Time Indicators Present Past Future
An action going on at the definite period of time now, at present, at this moment, at 5,at that time, while George is going to the University at this moment  

George was going to the University at 5

The phone rang while I was having a bath


George will be going to the University at 5

An action filling up the whole period of time/limited duration/


now,from5 to 6,from morning till night, the whole day, all day long He came to England last month and now hr is writing a new novel It was raining the whole day yesterday Kate will be writing the report the whole day tomorrow

An action thought of as a continual process, as an emotional coloring, such as exaggeration, irritation


always, ever, constantly He is always writing with a special pen  just because he likes to be different

He is forever loosing his keys

My grandfather was always forgetting things

An action in the very near future  

tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a day, next week, one of these days, soon, tonight, on Sunday, in February


I am leaving for London tomorrow    

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