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Заполните пропуски глаголом “to be “ в нужной форме.

· You speak English fluently.___ from Britain?
· I_____sorry, I_____late again. Tomorrow I ‘ll try to be in time.
· He _____________ at home only in the evening because he_____very    busy at work. He is preparing for the business trip.
· How much_______this lovely dress? I______sure it’ll suit me.
· Haven’t seen you for ages! How_____you? How____your family and    a little daughter?
· It’s a pity ! I will not come to the party tonight. I_________in my         office working over the project.
· Whose coat______this? I think It____mine.
· I____thirsty. Would you be so kind to bring me a glass of water,        please?
· -We’ll have a party tomorrow. Will you join us?
-I’d love to. I_______glad to meet all my friends!
· 10.Call me back tomorrow. I_________at home in the evening.
· 11.Don’t forget to congratulate Ann on her birthday or she______ angry.


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